Wilmington City Council Member Shabazz Celebrates with the Community as a New Eastside Collaborative is Created

From The City of Wilmington, Delaware:

Ten organizations came together on Pine Street in Eastside Wilmington today to sign an historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) creating an Eastside Collaborative to restore prosperity to an area of the community bounded by 4th Street to 11th Street and Church Street to Walnut Street.

Wilmington City Council Member Hanifa Shabazz called the occasion “historic” saying she was extremely pleased to witness such an abundance of cooperation, creativity and excitement among citizens about what is ahead for this area.

Today’s event, held at Central Baptist Church on Pine Street, marks the beginning of the implementation of the Eastside Blueprint Strategic Plan for community revitalization and housing stabilization. The plan was developed over the past four years with the help of the University of Delaware’s Center for Community Research and Service and included input from scores of citizens and community agencies.

See the full article here:  http://www.ci.wilmington.de.us/news/news.php?newsID=1170