The City of Wilmington Announces Partnership with Eastside Rising Initiative

From The City of Wilmington, Delaware:

Today, the City of Wilmington announces its partnership with the Eastside Rising Initiative. The City’s Department of Parks and Recreation has committed to providing scholarship opportunities for residents in the City of Wilmington to receive training and skill development with Local Union 55. The scholarship will provide 50% of the membership fee required to become a member of the Local and take advantage of training and placement opportunities made possible through the Initiative’s Construction Skilled Labor Workforce Development Plan. Local Union 55 is the sole provider of training services for Eastside Rising Initiative.

Eastside Rising’s stated mission is to revitalize the Eastside of Wilmington. The Eastside Blueprint Community partnered with the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation (CDC) to form the Eastside Community Redevelopers Coalition such that various local organizations can plan together and work together to construct, remodel and refurbish 125 homes in the Eastside of Wilmington. The Eastside Community Redevelopers Coalition includes: the Wilmington Housing Partnership, Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County, Inter-Neighborhood Foundation, Woodlawn Trustees, Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council (DCRAC), Center for Community Research and Service, University of Delaware and American Baptist Churches.

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