CDC Initiatives

CDC InitiativesOur Housing Stabilization initiative combines our Partners Resources with Eastside Community Social Capital

Our Eastside Community Housing Developers Collaborative enlist the resources and expertise of local developers to help build the capacity of the CDC in the area of acquisition, construction renovation and remodeling of vacant and abandoned homes in our targeted area. Our partners in the collaboration are Wilmington Housing Partnership, Habitat for Humanity, Woodlawn Trustees, and the Inter-neighborhood Foundation. Our part in the collaborative calls for us to remodel five homes a year over the next five years goal is to

Our Workforce Development Initiative seeks to develop productive citizens and integrates them into the Eastside Community

Central Baptist CDC has partnered with LIUNA Local 55, Imani Energy Company and the Challenge Program to provide technical training for Eastside residents and members of the surrounding community in the area of construction as well as solar sales and installation.

Central Baptist is also currently in the process of developing a program that would allow residents to enroll in soft skill training that would include

  • Personal case management
  • Personal case management
  • Academic enrichment
  • Job placement assistance

Our Economic Empowerment initiative is focused on attracting and developing local entrepreneurs which will result in job creation

Under our plan entrepreneurs are identified and placed in our business incubation program where they can receive help with business plan development, information and connections to small business and micro loans.