Our Partners


The relationship of Central Baptist CDC and Eastside Blueprint is that Blueprint is designed to be the planning body while the CDC was set up specifically to be the agent by which the plan would be implementation. They are the lead organizations of the Eastside rising project. Eastside Blueprint and Central Baptist CDC’s planning and implementation of the Eastside Rising project has relied heavily on input from a variety of perspectives. As we move into the implementation phase of the project we will continue to seek input from a wide variety of stakeholders, including residents and families, school staff, the business community, professionals in the fields of community planning and development, and others.

The Eastside Blueprint will continue in its role as the catalyst to revitalization by continuing to focus on planning and goal-setting strategies, and building local program capacity to ensure sustained and continued community growth. During the project they will work to build support for the project, providing an opportunity for sharing information and the progress of the project, share information on services and resources available through the project and provide a forum to address community ideas needs and concerns. The project director will be a member of the Blueprint core committee and will be responsible for reporting feedback from the Blueprint Community to the CDC and the CAC and vice versa.

Community stakeholders who are collaborating with Central Baptist Church CDC in conception, planning and implementation of our Eastside Strategic Plan are:

And a number of local urban gardeners and community civic groups and Eastside residents.