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Video: Urban renewal coming to Wilmington’s Eastside


Joanne Gaitwood’s roots are on the 500 block of East 9th Street, where her family has lived in a historic home for nearly 60 years. “We live block by block. I live on 9th Street, that’s a fine block, but Pine Street, we have a whole different element, Kirkwood Street, so we’re not a community even though we all live on the Eastside,” says Gaitwood.

But 10 organizations have gotten together in an effort to change that. They’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), creating an Eastside Collaborative that will bring new housing and new jobs to the neighborhood.

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Urban Acres and Bright Spot Farms Expand

From Delaware Today:

Can’t get to the farmers market or produce stand? Let it come to you—or somewhere close. Among other operators in Wilmington, Urban Acres and Bright Spot Farms open in various locations each day of the week—and sometimes several spots in a day. Urban Acres was set up by Central Baptist Church about four years ago to get fresh produce to people in underserved parts of town.

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