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Two Wilmington Non-Profits Launch New Business


Wilmington, DE November 14, 2016. InterNeighborhood Foundation of Wilmington (INF) and Central Baptist Community Development Corporation (CB CDC) created the Community Restoration Collaborative (CRC) which is the first of its kind in Delaware. These two Wilmington-based nonprofits created this progressive business to provide employment and high quality, affordable housing opportunities first to residents of the Eastside community.

“INF is extremely excited regarding the possibilities of this initiative”, says Timothy Crawl-Bey, Executive Director of INF. “As an organization, we have never believed that addressing housing, in and of itself, was or is a cure all for revitalizing our communities. In addition, success is rarely achieved without the benefit of excellent partners, and we have one in Central Baptist CDC. Our combined effort takes a more comprehensive approach to community development and has the potential for a much broader, longer-term impact. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead”.

Rev. Dr. Terrence S. Keeling, President/CEO of Central Baptist Community Development Corporation is enthusiastic about the expected outcomes of this formal business partnership.  “This joint venture is an example of everything the Eastside Rising Plan was intended to do. Through the establishment of the Community Restoration Collaborative Central Baptist CDC and INF will be able to address housing stabilization from the strengths of each organization, INF housing development and Central Baptist CDC workforce development.  In doing so we will be taking an approach to Eastside community development that focuses on people as well as the brick and mortar.  As a man of faith I believe that this is a match made in heaven that will bring change according to the will of God for our Eastside Community. This venture will provide more evidence that the Eastside is Rising.”

INF has a proven track record of implementing and managing affordable housing and community development initiatives in the Eastside, and in other areas of the City throughout its 30 year history. The CB CDC has a successful track record in offering a comprehensive, high quality workforce development training program that directly leads graduates to jobs through their employment placement agency, Eastside Employment Services.

These two Community-Based Development Organizations have combined two strategic areas of their Non-Profits to expand the outcomes of housing development and job creation for underemployed and unemployed residents of the Eastside and other areas of the City through this unique, social enterprise business venture, the Community Restoration Collaborative.

Further details will be provided at the joint Press Conference on Thursday November 17th 10:00am at Central Baptist Church 839 N. Pine St. Wilmington, DE 19801.

Timothy Crawl-Bey
InterNeighborhood Foundation
110 W. 10th St. Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 429-0333 |

Central Baptist Community Development Corporation
839 N. Pine St. Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 656-6234


Wilmington Housing Partnership Kicks Off the East Side Rising Housing Initiative with a Bennett Street Groundbreaking

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wilmington Housing Partnership Kicks Off the East Side Rising
Housing Initiative with a Bennett Street Groundbreaking

Governor Markell, Mayor Williams, Council President Gregory, Council
Member Shabazz Congratulate WHP on Another Neighborhood

The Wilmington Housing Partnership (WHP) today opened the East Side Rising home
ownership initiative with a groundbreaking ceremony for seven new homes to be built
in the 800 block of Bennett Street. Each home features three bedrooms, 2 ½ baths,
and rear garages. The project follows the WHP strategy of acquiring and demolishing
undersized homes and combining adjacent parcels so larger, more functional, modern
homes can be constructed, thus reducing neighborhood density.

Governor Jack Markell, Mayor Dennis Williams, Council President Theo Gregory and
District Council Member Hanifa Shabazz joined WHP Board and staff members for
today’s ceremony. The officials congratulated WHP and community representatives on
another neighborhood achievement which also celebrates 25 years of WHP efforts to
set new standards for housing while stabilizing City neighborhoods.

To confront numerous housing, economic development and crime challenges affecting
Wilmington’s East Side, the WHP, City of Wilmington, Central Baptist Community
Development Corporation (CBCDC) and JP Morgan Chase compiled a five to ten year
comprehensive East Side Neighborhood Investment Plan in 2013. The plan was
bolstered that same year when the community entities listed below joined the East
Side Rising initiative lead by the CBCDC:


WHP Executive Director Steve Martin and Board Chair Rob Buccini said the WHP has
over 150 housing unit in its East Side inventory and is committed to acquiring other
vacant and abandoned properties that are damaging neighborhoods. They pointed to
the WHP funders as the chief reason why the agency is able to follow its mission to
increase the City’s affordable housing stock by promoting renovation and
rehabilitation of properties in select areas.

Financial Assistance for WHP projects has been provided by JP Morgan Chase, Bank of
America, Capital One, the City of Wilmington, Comenity Bank Delaware State Housing
Authority M&T Bank PNC Foundation and the Rockford Woodlawn Fund.

Construction of the new Bennett Street homes will begin immediately and should be
completed by July of 2016. The sale price of the homes is $139,900. For information
about purchasing a property, please call WHP Executive Director Steve Martin at